The JEREMIE initiative, developed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) in cooperation with the European Commission, offers EU Member States, through their national or regional Managing Authorities, the opportunity to use part of their EU Structural Funds to finance small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by means of equity, loans or guarantees. The JEREMIE Holding Fund can provide to selected financial intermediaries SME-focused financial instruments including guarantees, co-guarantees and counter-guarantees, equity guarantees, (micro) loans, export‑credit insurance, securitisation, venture capital, Business Angel Matching Funds and investments in Technology Transfer funds. 

In Slovakia, the JEREMIE Holding Fund is financed from the EU Structural Funds under three Operational Programmes (Operational Programme Competitiveness and Economic Growth, Operational Programme Research and Development, Operational Programme Bratislava Region) and is managed by EIF through Slovenský záručný a rozvojový fond, s.r.o.

The EIF selected Neulogy Ventures as the financial intermediary to manage Seed and Venture Capital funds dedicated to finance early-stage technology companies in Slovakia. The Slovak Innovation Fund (seed fund) is fully financed from the OP Bratislava Region and the OP Research and Development. The Slovak Entrepreneurs Fund (venture fund) is partly financed from the OP Research and Development and private capital.

EIF are a specialist provider of risk finance to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) across Europe. They are part of the EIB Group; with shareholders including the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Commission and a wide range of public and private banks and financial institutions. EIF carry out our activities using either their own resources or those provided by the European Investment Bank, the European Commission, by EU Member States or other third parties. By developing and offering targeted financial products to intermediaries, such as banks, guarantee and leasing companies, micro-credit providers and private equity funds, EIF enhance SMEs access to finance.

The goal of OP Bratislava Region is to foster competitiveness of the Bratislava region trough development of knowledge economy and building a region attractive for living. The OP aims to support innovation, entrepreneurship and development of information society as the main drivers of long term economic growth and competitiveness of the region. In the same time, the OP focuses on increasing the quality of living to increase the attractiveness of the region for its inhabitants. One of its priorities is to improve the infrastructure in the region to promote quality of life and economic progress. 

The OP Research and Development promotes research across all regions of Slovakia and aims to improve conditions for implementing national and internationall research projects. The OP focus is to improve support for research and development activities and upgrade the infrastructure available to institutions of higher education in Slovakia, in order to increase competitiveness of the Slovak economy, reduce regional disparities, facilitate growth of new innovative high-tech SMEs, support creation of jobs and improve conditions for university education.    

We support research and development activities in Slovakia. Project is co-financed by the EU.