Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

We founded Neulogy Ventures to fund and develop talented entrepreneurs and help their companies succeed in the global market. We translate our own business experience and that of other successful entrepreneurs from Slovakia and beyond into valuable service to our investee companies. We are looking to help grow a new generation of entrepreneurs with global impact.  

Adding Value

We build on our thorough knowledge of the local tech scene, our deep and wide network of mentors and advisors from Vienna to Silicon Valley, and years of realizing equity investment transactions as both investors and entrepreneurs. We know both sides of the early-stage investment world, and offer our portfolio companies unique expertise based on our past experience as entrepreneurs, investors and transaction managers. 


Neulogy Ventures is the first Slovakia-based management company to run fully regulated seed and venture capital funds structured along the highest industry standards. We have a strong commitment to professional, transparent and hands-on approach to working with both our portfolio companies and our investors.

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