SEAK is a provider of intelligent LED lighting solutions using unique technology of lighting control based on powerline communication. Being able to save up to 40% of energy, this solution is convenient for large industrial and commercial sites, currently serving clients such as TESCO, Volkswagen, RTR ENERGÍA and Venture Lighting.

SEAK, Presov-based company was founded in 1988 by Jozef Sedlak, an experienced inventor and entrepreneur in the area of lighting control and management systems. Neulogy Ventures’ investment will help SEAK to bolster its management team, solidify R&D activities and expand the business outside of Central and Eastern Europe.

"If you're looking for a VC partner, who is interested not only in fastest return possible, but in the best way forward for the company come rain or come shine, Neulogy Ventures is a good bet. It has worked for us. And on top of it, the people at Neulogy Ventures are smart and fun to work with, which is very inspiring. A good bet indeed"

- Heliodor Macko, CEO

Managing partner in charge of the investment:

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