Our guiding principles

We …

  • are entrepreneurs ourselves, looking for passion and ambition.
  • invest in real innovation, and don’t just blindly follow the hype.
  • are fast and transparent about our decision process.
  • add value beyond financing and board seats.
  • help with fundraising, strategic guidance and business development.
  • keep the founders in the driving seat and align interests with them.
  • care about each entrepreneurial story, not just about aggregated portfolio returns.
  • take a long term view, with no pressure for fast exits.
  • value humility and competence over arrogance and bullshit.
  • want shared values and no headaches.
  • are here to serve entrepreneurs and not the other way around.

We're currently fully invested. However, if you wish us to consider your project as an investment opportunity for our next fund, feel free to submit your project through our application tool.

Team members

  • Christian Mandl
    managing partner

  • Jaroslav Luptak
    managing partner

  • David Szedely
    investment manager, CFO

  • Terezia Jacova
    investment manager

  • Ivana Barbus
    community manager